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Monday, June 18, 2012

Finally! 6th Grade Common Core Reading Literature FREEBIES! And an Award Nomination!

Here you go! I had a special request over on my Facebook fan page to compile a list of 6th grade resources. So - here - finally - you have it! Sixth grade Reading literature activities to match the Common Core standards! (It doesn't hurt any that I'll be moving up to 6th grade this fall so I also had to find these for myself!) =)

Click the picture below to get your copy!

Not sure if I'm going to find the time to work on any math resources. If I can find the time, is that what you want next? Or would you rather see more reading resources??


If you're still reading this, would you be so kind as to head over and vote for me in the Really Good Stuff blog awards? (Pretty please!) I am in a bit of shock that I was nominated, let alone one of the five Grades 4-8 people chosen. Thanks for your help and support! Click on the picture below to vote!


Joann said...

Thanks for sharing - your resources are always great! =)


Susan said...

Yes thank you so very much you are an AWESOME resource. I will definately go and vote for you. I would also like to see more math resources for 6th-8th...if you have the time, but no matter what, you do an EXCELLENT Job!!!! Keep it up:)

Laura Ellison said...

I'm LOVING the 6th grade resources-keep it coming!

Will Grade For Coffee

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I'd love for you to keep the reading resources coming. You have my vote!:)

Robby said...

Yes,your resources are outstanding. I'd really would appreciate it a lot if you would keep the resources coming for reading, writing,and spelling for sixth grade. Do you have a website besides this one? Yes, I voted for you!

bsamples said...

I voted for you! Thanks for all you do!
Bea Samples

Anonymous said...

You definitely will get my vote! Thanks for all your wonderful resources and would LOVE to see some similar Reading Informational Texts Common Core activities just like your Reading Literature Activities. Would you consider putting something together? Would love to see informational text resources for grades 3-6.
Thanks again for all your shares!

Mrs. S said...

FANTASTIC!!!!! Would love the math resources too. THANKS for all the time you have put into these and for sharing!

Erin Beers said...

Awesome resource-thanks for posting!

tidirob said...

More 6th Grade ELA resources please!!

Heather A. said...

Anyone else have a problem with the links not working? This is such an awesome resource, ,but the links are not working for me.

Heather W said...

Heather A. - When you say the links are not working, do you mean the links to download the product? Or do you mean the actual links within the product? If it's the link to download it - e-mail me directly at and I'll e-mail it to you. If it's the links within the document, please keep in mind that this resource is nearly a year old - so all of the links may no longer be active. Thanks for your comment! :)