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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Turkey Recipe Book with FREEBIE!

With the huge Common Core push in so many states, this fun Thanksgiving activity will cover standard W.2 - writing informative/explanatory texts, be fun for students, and will offer a great keepsake for parents!

In case you need help when it's time to cook, we made you a turkey recipe book!
  • We started this activity by brainstorming where our families get the turkey. (from the freezer? store? in the wild?)
  • Then we discussed how you have to prepare it. (Take off the packaging? Pluck the feathers? Add other ingredients? Put it into a ___?)
  • It was especially important that we tell how long and where to cook it! (This is where their comments got VERY interesting!)
  • How was the turkey eaten? (at the table? by whom?)
  • And finally, we discussed what happens after the meal. (Dishes pile up? Someone cleans? Who? What about leftovers?)

The students were then set free to write their turkey "recipe". We used this basic lined writing template. Click on the picture to download a copy. There are up to 10 lines or steps that your students can write.

Unfortunately I no longer have copies of actual student writing. However, I do have a copy of the finished book! I typed up each students' writing and created a book. The child's hand-written piece was the first page, followed immediately by their typed/illustrated page, and finally by all of their classmates typed pages.

Here are what some of my little goobers pages looked like before they decorate them:

Parents absolutely loved this! The local paper also ran our "recipes" in the paper. It was so neat! The kiddos were truly published authors in two forms - the newspaper and their books!

I no longer have the original title page saved, but I whipped up this little freebie so all of you can create your own "Turkey Recipe Book". I hope it will be useful to you! Click here or on the picture to get your copy! (There's the color version and a black/white version so your students can color their own turkey - and save you ink!)

If I didn't explain any of this well enough, please ask any questions below in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.


And you can't forget about Pinterest! I don't have a ton of Thanksgiving pins, but there are some good ideas on that board!

Here's a random turkey treat I received from a 5th grader last year. It's an oldie but a goodie! =)

What are your classroom Thanksgiving traditions?

1 comment:

Michelle Rist said...

Cute! I love class books! Thanks for the freebie!