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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yet More Word Work for Older Kids ~ Syllables & Rhyming

Clearing off my digital camera recently left me with more than enough posts about the Word Work activities we've been doing in school lately! Here's the latest...

First up - students created a list of words based on syllables. They had to write a one, then two, then three, four, and finally five syllable word. They worked in teams. You would think this would be incredibly simple for my older elementary students - but it wasn't! We had our share of mistakes, but that was ok because I sent the students on the lookout for them. So it worked out alright. :)

The next activity was one where the students got to sit at on their desks. {Those are their favorite!}

I am loving the "Artistic Effects" feature in PowerPoint.
It's how I'm changing the look of my photos to maintain privacy!

For this activity each student started with a whiteboard at their seat. They they wrote down one word that they knew had a lot of rhymes. When they had written one word, they passed the board to the next person. That person wrote a word and passed the board. This continued until everyone had written a rhyming word for the original word. No nonsense words allowed!

After that first round, the students started with a different word. The catch here to make it more challenging - the students couldn't write the same word twice! So by the end we were getting harder and harder words. {The pictures don't seem to capture that, but as the words got increasingly difficult - I took less pictures.}

Do you enjoy seeing Word Work activities that my older students complete? What type of blog posts are your favorite? I'd love to hear what you have to say. I'm always looking for new ideas to blog about!


Brandee Green said...

Fun activity for big kids! :) I'm pinning. :)
Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

Lucy Ravitch said...

Nice! I remember loving to sit on a desk in Elementary--it was a rare privilege : )
Kids Math Teacher